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  imported fuel of the highest standards
  large filling stations network
  convenient ways of payment
Coupons   ОККО-card   Small wholesale
Filling Complexes’ Map

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  More than 300 filling stations ОККО and more than 800 filling stations in the system of clearing operations
  Map of filling stations
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filling complex ОККО
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OKKO-card network
number of «ОККО» filling stations in the region



Clearing system for fuel, goods and services for legal entity.

  • More than 800 filling stations in the network;
  • Convenient and clear pricing mechanisms;
  • Possibility of paying for goods and services in the stores of filling stations network;
  • The work scheme is chosen according to the specific of Client accounting;
  • Fuel usage and costs control;
  • Assets protection;
  • Operational reporting on each card;
  • Full package of accounting documents.


  Electronic wallet   Limited scheme   Combined scheme  
  «Put money» (UAH) on the card and choose preferred fuel. Money is withdrawn automatically according to the amount of purchased fuel. You can pay for related products and services by «electronic wallet». This scheme is suitable for smaller businesses with little transport.

  All cards have general account. Each card is set by limits based on accounting system and restrictions imposed by your company. It is possible to set limits daily or monthly, in liters or UAH, on certain oil products, goods or services. It is ideal for companies with a large car fleet.

  The combined scheme allows using both two groups of cards that act by limit scheme and scheme «electronic wallet».




  Payment by card   Balance   PIN-code  
  • Choose a filling station which
    has OKKO-card system.
  • When buying fuel, goods
    in the stores or services
    show OKKO-card
    to filling station operator.
  • Enter the PIN number and then
    after getting the necessary
    volumes of fuel, products
    or services the appropriate
    amount of money will be
    withdrawn from the account.
  • From cash receipt*
  • At the local
    office where the
    card was issued

  When getting a smart-card
there is a PIN-code
that can be changed.
If you forget your PIN-code of
your card:

  • PIN code is noted on the
    acceptance and transfer
    certificate for each card;
  • Contact your regional
    office where you
    got the card.
      *for «electronic wallet» balance
on the card you have just
paid with will be defined, the «limit»
scheme – it will indicate the balance
of daily / monthly limit.

Price of oil product on OKKO-card corresponds
the price on the stele at filling station on a receiving day
considering individual discounts.

Blocking of the card
Smart-cards can be locked/unlocked if you wish by personal written appeal to the regional office.
  Fuel coupons  
  Forms-permits or as they are simply called «coupons» are designed for businesses that buy fuel of different types with different frequency:

  • All OKKO in the filling stations network;
  • Fixed fuel prices at the time of payment;
  • Validity of «coupons» – 3 months;
  • Convenient volumes of fuel «coupons»: 10, 20 liters and 50 liters (for diesel fuel);
  • «Coupons» are protected against counterfeiting by holographic element and individual bar-code.
  Coupons security
Types and quality of fuel Coupons order
  In case of coupon loss quickly inform your manager or regional office where the
agreement was signed.
Coupon will immediately be blocked
when applying during working hours
or at 9.00 in the first working day
if you have applied during the weekend.
Your money will be completely safe.
We offer all brands of fuel that are
imported from modern oil-refining, European
factories with  modern equipment. Each
consignment meets state standards of
Ukraine, accompanied by quality passports and code certificates.
Call or visit one of regional offices and you will be sent the draft agreement and provided list of documents required for signing.

  Small wholesale  
  Realization of oil product consignments from oil depot network. Typically, in such a way companies with off-site equipment (farmers, building companies, manufactures) and companies with a significant amount of consumption buy fuel.
  • Minimum quantity is 4000 liters;
  • Delivery to Customer premises;
  • Accuracy of running – with an ultra modern equipment;
  • Guaranteed fuel quality;
  • Compliance with the agreed terms of delivery;
  • Daily published prices on
We offer all brands of imported fuel from modern oil-refining European plants which are controlled by laboratories with modern equipment at all stages of its supply. Each party meets state standards of Ukraine with attached quality and code certificates.
  Petroleum depots network Quality control Fuel trucks
  Lviv region
Brody city, 21 Y. Rota Str.
Lviv city, 1 Plastova Str.
Stryy city, 19 Skolivska Str.
Odessa region
Vygoda village, 8 Energetykiv Str.
Dnipropetrovsk region
Partyzanske village, Lenina str. 25 v
Krivyy Rig, 10 Gruzova Str.
Kyiv region
Grebinky town, 3 Industrialna Str.
Rivne region
Nova Lyubomyrka village, 2a Naftovykiv Str.
Ivano-Frankivsk region
Halych city, 53 Vitovskogo Str.
Vinnytsya region
Vinnytsya city, 13 Zaliznychna Str.
Khmelnytsky region
Yarmolynci town, 15b Zaliznychna Str.
Kharkiv region
Kharkiv city, 7a Polya filtraciyi Str.
Zakarpattya region
Uzhhorod city, 61 Lavrischeva Str.
Zhytomyr region
Chernyahiv village, Industrialna str., 24g 
Fuel and lubricants quality is controlled by
Fuel and Lubricants Test Center consisting
of eight fixed and four mobile laboratories.
Test Center laboratories have modern
precision equipment made in USA, Japan, Austria, Germany and the UK. Each
oil product consignment passes control
at each stage of its supply.
Oil delivery services are offered by modern
fuel trucks:  stationary fuel truck, trailer,
stationary fuel truck with trailer.
Some trucks are equipped with a base
oil drain system. Volumes of fuel trucks and truck sections are from 4 to 36 m³.