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fuel testing center TFC (Testing Fuel Center) is a  modern laboratory serving OKKO filling station network  and external clients

Mobile laboratory TFC

TFC news

All OKKO laboratories are accredited according to European standards

TFC fuel testing center of PJSC Galnaftogaz (OKKO filling station network) accredited all its 12 testing laboratories performing fuel quality control according to ISO / IEC 17025: 2006 (ISO / IEC 17025: 2005, IDT) "General requirements for the testing and calibration laboratories competence ".

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Postal address

72, Heroiv UPA Str., Lviv 79018


(032) 298 96 03 (1263)

(067) 208 86 96

Modern automated equipment minimizes the human factor and meets all modern requirements

The three TFC laboratories are first in Ukraine to be equipped with express analyzers of new Miniscan IRXpert generation made by Austrian company Grabner Instruments, which provide highly accurate measurements.

​Accredited according European standard  ISO/IEC 17025:2006

"General requirements for the testing and calibration laboratories competence(ISO / IEC 17025: 2005, IDT) and approved that they can carry out tests of motor fuels and diesel to confirm the requirements of the Technical Regulations. TFC laboratories participate in the national rounds of inter-laboratory checks.

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Only modern equipment


Multi EA 3100

Прилад, що визначає вміст сірки у нафтопродуктах арбітражним методом для ЄВРО-5. TFC придбав першим в Україні.



Портативний експрес-аналізатор автомобільних бензинів і дизельного палива. Визначає близько 30 показників, серед них - критичні. TFC один з перших, хто ридбав даний прилад на українському ринку.


Eкспрес-аналізатор MiniscanIRXpert

Портативний експрес-аналізатор автомобільних бензинів і дизельного палива. Визначає близько 30 показників, серед них - критичні. Одразу після виходу на ринок цього обладнання, TFC придбав його першим в Україні.

A rapid analyzer can do the analysis for which a stationary
laboratory needs 5 devices

Fuel quality control system on OKKO

Online quality control

Lets you track and merge all information on fuel supply from the plant to a refueling column in a single system in real time.

Mobile laboratory OKKO


Mobile laboratories equipped with express analyzers allow fuel quality checking directly at the filling station and fuel terminals in any place in Ukraine.

TFC Clients

  • Large transportation companies
  • Fleets
  • Agricultural companies
  • Individuals
  • Service stations
  • Car dealers
  • Other laboratories that are not operating in their customer’s region
  • Small filling station networks without their own laboratories
  • Businesses that buy fuel in bulk for their own purposes

TFC services

 Conclusions on compliance with standards

 Fuel testing in any region of Ukraine

 Certification and arbitration trials

 Expert advice on fuel quality

 LPG component composition testing (laboratory in Vinnytsa)

TFC recommendations

  • If you own  a large transportation or agricultural company or you just benefit from buying fuel in bulk, we recommend prior fuel  laboratory inspection. This will reduce the risk of expensive equipment damage and, thus, minimize the cost of maintenance and avoid downtime.

  • If you repair the car, which is probably damaged due to inadequate fuel quality, we recommend laboratory to carry out fuel quality checks, both from the tank and from the place of last refueling (preferably on the first day or immediately after the failure).