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All OKKO employees work in order to create a comfort to anyone who travels. Happy customer is our main goal and value. Innovativeness, anticipation of market trends and creation of new consumer needs it is the style of our every day work.


«We believe that it is faster and more efficient way to devise and to implement than to catch up and copy».


Vitaliy Antonov 
Company’s CEO, Chairman of the Supervisory Board




  • Vacancies in OKKO can be opened all over Ukraine and are divided into two categories: job vacancies in the office and job vacancies at filling complexes. Therefore first of all we offer You to get acquainted with the current open job vacancies in our company. 

  • When choosed an industry, region and job vacancy You’re interested in, You can submit Your resume or to fill out the corporate form at once and send it by e-mail indicating an appropriate vacancy You apply for.


    Fill in the form of the filling complex employee

    Fill in the form of an office worker

  • Your resume or application form will be reviewed within two weeks and we will invite You for a meeting, if You meet the asserted claims.

  • Company offers interesting growth opportunities, the field for display of Your talent and complicated and unusual challenges that require a versatile creative approach. That is why a complex selection system is implemented (and exists) in the company, during which a candidate has the opportunity to tell about his/her professional interests and future plans, and also to pass corporate tests destined to identify the individual capabilities of each candidate for maximum effective usage of the potential of every person in further work.


  • For their part company representatives will describe in detail the expectations from a candidate for a particular vacancy and its role in business, duties and areas of responsibility for each position so that You can more deeply understand the essence of activity at particular job position. We will tell You about the company and will help You determine in which professional field Your skills will unfold to the best advantage.

  • The training institute is implemented in the company in case of an employment at filling complexes, which allows to enter effectively into the profession, getting acquainted with all the technological processes at filling complexes and mastering all high customer service nuances. 

  • After successful completion of all stages of selection and training, You will receive an official offer of employment. If You accept our offer, we will be glad to see You in our team!