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“OKKO” network collected almost 140 tons of clothes for the poor in 2017


OKKO filling complexes network increases the volume of collection of used things for the poor. In 2017, 138.8 tons of things were handed over to volunteer organizations that care for the least socially protected citizens. It is 37 tons more than it was collected in the previous year.

Things are collected in special containers, which are already installed at 16 “OKKO” filling stations in Kiev, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, and Kharkiv. In the near future, another 2 such containers will appear in Vinnitsa. Every non-indifferent Ukrainian, arriving to refuel or have a snack on one of these filling stations, can leave clothes, shoes, household items that he needs no longer, but can still serve other people. You see here a complete list of filling stations where containers for collecting things are located.

“We are sincerely grateful to everyone who shared a fraction of his welfare with those fellow citizens who are now in difficult life circumstances. Thanks to the joint efforts of “OKKO” network, our clients and volunteer organizations, thousands of people have not only received real help but also felt that their fate is not indifferent to other Ukrainians”, said Anna Tikhovska, manager for sustainable development of “OKKO” network.

“OKKO” filling complexes for the poorly funded collection project have been implementing for five consecutive years with volunteer organizations that collect things from containers, sort and distribute them among homeless, internally displaced persons, people with disabilities, hospices, boarding schools, geriatric boarding houses. “OKKO” partners in this project are the following charitable foundations and public organizations: in Kyiv – Ukraine without borders, in Lviv – “Emaus-Oselya”, in Odessa – “Good Samaritan”, in Dnipro – “We are helping”, in Kharkiv – “Caritas Ukraine”.

Everyone from the visitors of “OKKO” filling complexes can take a party in this business. Looking at your seasonal wardrobe, doing repairs in the apartment or simply checking in the closet, you can always find things that you already seem redundant, but still suitable for use. It is enough to throw them in the car and, as soon as possible, and leave them in a special container at “OKKO” filling complexes.