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“OKKO” will produce solar energy for Lviv


“OKKO” filling complexes network continues to invest in solar power projects. Last year, the company installed solar power plants on the roof of its two refueling complexes - in Kyiv and Chernivtsi, and by the end of 2018 plans to mount a solar power plant with a capacity of 200 kW on the roof and facade of its central office building in Lviv.

The cost of the project is almost 7.5 million hryvnia. The completion of construction work is planned by the end of 2018. The new solar power plant will include modern inverter equipment and about 1000 modules located on the roof, as well as across the facade of a 7-storey building. “OKKO” network intends to sell the generated electric energy under the “green tariff” on the energy market of Ukraine.

“OKKO” network was one of the first in Ukraine in 2008 to join the global Go Green initiative aimed at developing ecological and resource-saving initiatives in the company”, says Nazar Turhan, director of the development department of “OKKO “filling stations network. – Therefore, we consider investments in solar power stations at our gas stations and office facilities not only in the context of business benefits, but also in terms of the development of alternative energy sources, the preservation of exhaustive resources both within the company and in Ukraine as a whole.”