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“OKKO Agrotrage” – a new business area “Galnaftogas”

Created in 2016, the business area “OKKO Agrotrade” aims to satisfy the most pressing needs of agribusiness comprehensively, namely to provide them with high-quality fuel, the best mineral fertilizers and help with the implementation of the crop.


The network “OKKO” presented the fifth Volvo, ahead – the drawing three more cars

The fifth draw of the vehicle from the network of FS “OKKO” was at the results of the October stage win-win promotion “Win a car or a discount on fuel” on November 5 at the stadium “Arena Lviv”.


Delicious, nourishing, vitamin – the novelties in autumn menu in “A la minute” restaurants

Since November, the restaurants A la minute in the network of delicious filling stations “OKKO” have presented an updated menu. Since now, there are more vitamins, seasonal vegetables and unusual flavour combinations – all in order to stop and leisure guests were not only pleasant and delicious, but hearty and wholesome.


Promotion "Win a car or a discount" of OKKO the network is extended

OKKO extends the promotion “Win a car or a discount” till the 31 January 2017. The promotion started at the beginning of the summer and during 5 months is just getting more popular among the clients.