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“OKKO” network has opened in Chernivtsi the most up-to-date filling station in Bukovina

A new modern “OKKO” filling complex, which includes cafes and restaurants, electric charge, gas module and self-service washer have started to work in Chernivtsi at Galician Shliakh st., 46M,.


Not only Thursday is clean: discount on subscriptions of portal sinks at “OKKO”

From now on drivers who regularly use the services of portal car washes of “OKKO” filling complexes network will be able to save significantly by purchasing subscription discounts for 5 or 10 Lux detergent services.


The 15th VOLVO from “OKKO” went to Kirovograd region

On Saturday, September 9th, stadium the final drawing in the “Win a car or a discount on fuel” campaign was in the “Arena Lviv”.


“OKKO” filling complexes will produce a solar power

At the OKKO Kyiv gas station, which was 33, on the 33rd Avenue of Academician Palladin, the first roofed solar power plant with a capacity of 51 kilowatts in the network of the filling stations started at the “OKKO” gas station, in the 33rd Avenue of Academician Palladin.