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Every day thousands of Ukrainians visit OKKO. This is a place where they are no longer at home, but not yet at work, it is not yet their destination, but they are already on the road. Therefore, we thought that we could become not just an ordinary filling station. OKKO can be a place for ideas. A place to rest, refresh, meet business partners, friends or just calmly reflect on a cup of coffee.

That is why our mission is as follows: "To bring more good ideas to life in Ukraine!"


OKKO is people

  • Those who warm the coffee; those whose hands smell of fuel; those who form annual reports, and even those who have just joined us - they all create our company from the inside.





We believe in the strength of ideas

  • What if ...? If everyone started their day on this issue, life would be much more interesting.





We believe in virtue of good mood

  • We start a day with a smile and every business with positivity, it is the only way to be capable of everything.





We always strive for more

  • We go ahead and we are not afraid to be the first. However, we know for sure that a truly great result consists of the small achievements of everyone.