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wide filling station network  for cashless fuel payments

OKKO-card work

  • Both individuals and legal entities can get fuel cards after  the agreement at the regional representation has been signed 

  • Card limits setting is done through accessing the regional representative

  • Information about refuelings is updated several times a day

  • Off-line service

  • Available partnership filling station networks

  • The client can can payed for goods and services with the card 


Three types of limit

  • Electronic wallet - you "put" money on the card and choose fuel type. The funds are automatically deducted from the smart according to the amount of fuel purchased.
  • Limit scheme - all cards are joined to the common account. Each card has set daily or monthly limits in liters and UAH.
  • The combined scheme – simultaneous usage of two card types that act according to limiting scheme and the scheme of "electronic wallet"

Funds security

  • Card  payment is possible only after entering PIN-code

  • PIN-code can be changed after addressing regional office in which the card has been obtained

  • Сard blocking  within 48 hours when submitting the written request to the regional office 

Information support

  • The ability to get the state of the account balance or limit, on the cash receipt*

  • In the regional offices in  which the card has been obtained

* the card balance will be indicated for "electronic wallet" card limit type, in case of ‘limit’ scheme - balance of daily/ monthly limit will be shown.