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Online fuel costs control

cashless payments for fuel, auto services, carwash

Fuel card OKKO

Online service

  • View the terms of the contract: payment terms, the discount rate, contract valid dates and basic applications

  • Viewing and updating information on limits and restrictions

  • Receiving discounts when refilling

  • The creation and printing of financial and analytical reports

  • Formation of requests on new card production

  • SMS messages service management

  • Cards locking or unlocking

  • Setting and changing the information about card holders

Personal account OKKO online

How does it work?

If you have an urgent need to increase the limit of fuel
or other purchases, you can manually and quickly change
the settings through your personal cabinet. Changes will be
available immediately.

Fuel card OKKO

Wide choice of rules  settings

  • On the amount and types of fuel (in UAH and liters)

  • By the time of purchase (in days, hours)

  • At the place of purchase (region, city, village, filling station)

  • The number and types of goods and services (products in the store, car wash services)

  • For the duration and frequency and settings restoration (day, week, month, year)

​How does it work?

You can configure the algorithm so that using the fuel card
the driver can refill the car with diesel in the period from Monday
to Friday from 8:00 to 18:00 within Lviv city.

The personal payment settings 

  • Payment for a cycle (via N-days, a week, ten days, month)

  • Payment on designated days (day of week, certain date)

  • Certain number of days after refueling

Calendar payments

​How does it work?

We will take into account your payment specifics 
on a specified day for fuel used for the previous week.  

Online management by safety of funds​​

Funds security

  • Instant online card blocking

  • Instant SMS notification of suspicious transactions

  • Installing different types of blocking: "stolen" – the card is withdraw at a filling station while trying to refuel a vehicle

  • Unique PIN-code

  • Multi level cards protection

How does it work?

You can adjust the setting that way, that you can pay up to three
times a day with one card. If someone tries to use the card
for the fourth time, then depending on your settings, the card
will be blocked immediately, or you just get SMS notifications.

Information support

24 hours 7 days a week

On-line access through your personal cabinet:

  • View information about the current account and balance

  • Display all online transactions considering granted bonuses (no longer need to wait for the discount amount by the end of the month)

  • Communication with a manager in a live chat

Information support 24/7

SMS informing about:

  • Achieving credit limit

  • The end of the contract, applications, conditions and discounts overdraft

  • The fact that the card is blocked

  • Recent news

Round the clock support hotline 0 800 501 101:

  • Card Identification and purchasing when card authorization has failed

  • Get information about balance and limits

  • Card lock or activation

  • Unlock PIN-code counter (more attempts)​

How does it work?

You can receive SMS messages on the approximation
of the cards block sum or reminder of the need for the payment.

Fuel cards from OKKO and PrivatBank

Fuel cards from OKKO and PrivatBank

  • The volume of purchased fuel is fixed in liters, which protects you from price fluctuations

  • All the workflow is electronic, so you do not need to visit the bank or regional offices of the OKKO

How it works?

For each fuel type, individual cards are issued. You can get them in the nearest branch of PrivatBank, and refuel at any OKKO filling station. All further operations on the card can be done remotely through "Privat24 for business".
Detailed information here.
Details of the agreement here.

Comparison of OKKO cards  and other systems of cashless payments

OKKO fuel card
Smart card
Fuel coupons
Online transactions


      Other filling stations

Personal cabinet

      Limit and restriction  personal control

      Reports and documents personal management

      Personal cards lock/unlock

      Personal  notification settings

Limits selecting




Cyclical payments per day/week/year

Individual protection rules

SMS reminder to make payment, not to miss the date of completion of basic contractual terms

Unique PIN-code

Designed with unique exterior protection

Round the clock support hotline

Individual bonuses when refueling

Customized payment terms