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‘Ukraine in Focus’

art project about the country aiming to see Ukraine at new angles and colors through the eyes of professional photographers

The national photo contest ‘Ukraine in Focus’ was held between March, 18 and August, 31, 2014 and during this period 172 contest works were submitted.  All professional photographers working in the editorial business and socio-political media or in photo agencies, and freelance photographers who regularly collaborate with the media were invited to participate in the contest.

Photo of the Year’ 

Revolution – work that won inthe nomination Photo of the Year. Author - Andriy Broyde, won the main prize - a certificate allowing to undertake a course at London School of Photography.

 – work that won in the category ‘People’. Author Konstantyn Semytskyy


As a result, the winners were determined in six competitive categories:

Reportage  photograhps as evidence of real events that express its dynamics and atmosphere

Delicious country  photographs which focus on food and gastronomy

Traditions  photographs that reflect Ukrainian traditions

Travel the country – the broadest category wich stocks all photographs that describe the life of the cities, the country side, daily routines etc.

People and Business  photographs which focus on business life and its participants

Sport ​ photographs of professional sport events and a healthy lifestyle 

Returning from ATO
 – work that won in the category ‘Reportage’. AuthorVitaliy Grabar

The Milky Way – work that won in the category ‘Travel the country’. AuthorTaras Gipp

  – work that won in the category ‘Sport’. AuthorIgor Bykoriz

The jury

Oleksandr Glyadelov

Famous Ukrainian documentary photographer. Is collaborating with international humanitarian organization Medecins Sans Frontieres.The photographs by Glyadelov are used by international organizations such as MSF, HRW, The Global Fund, UNAIDS, UNICEF.

Yefrem Lukatskyy

Photo correspondent for Associated Press, the only one in the history of Ukraine Pulitzer Prize finalist and promoter of Ukrainian photos at Sotheby's.

Sergiy Dolzhenko

Chief photographer of European Pressphoto Agency in Ukraine.

Andriy Sarymsakov

Stylish Ukrainian photographer, the owner of Sarymsakovstudio photo studio. He started studying photography in 2005 as a freelance photographer in a small Kiev studio. Now he works with famous brands from Europe, Asia and America. Style, humor and provocation in the composite pictures are the hallmark of Andrew. Favorite genre is Fashion. 

Easter – work that won in the category ‘Traditions’. AuthorVitaliy Bondar

Pasta  – work that won in the category ‘Delicious country’. AuthorEduard Nasyrov

won in the nomination ‘The choice of Raiffeisen Bank Aval clients’. Author – Sergiy Serdyukov

Contest initiator

Main partner

Media partners



ПАТ «Концерн Хлібпром»

ТзОВ «Террін»

Vylkove the work that won in the nomination ‘The choice of OKKO clients’. Author – Andriy Broyde

Following the contest organizers published an exclusive edition, which collected the best photos submitted for the contest.