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Accessibility programme

parameters we follow at OKKO filling complexes

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Concern Galnaftogaz implements programme of introduction of accessibility requirements, unimpeded access of limited mobility people, people in wheelchairs to the filling complexes. Since 2008 all OKKO filling complexes have been designed and constructed in accordance with accessibility requirements. We try to provide these requirements at the filling complexes designed before 2008, where possible.


The first filling complex in the network with separate parking place and equipped lavatory to become accessible to people in wheelchairs was OKKO filling complex in L'viv at 12 Vashynhtona str. At the meeting of Accessibility committee at L'viv Regional State Administration these filling complex was recognized as the first one in Ukraine that passed the audit and was accepted as corresponding to accessibility standards.


In 2009 parking signs for disabled driven cars were set, and the layout of parking places was done at 8 OKKO filling complexes in L'viv.


Ramps for OKKO filling complexes
We equip OKKO filling complexes with parking places, ramps and handrails for people with special needs. Our aim in these project is to provide equal conditions for all citizens for productive life in society.  



Special kids' chairs in
A la minute restaurants

One more network's social project started in 2010; it is oriented to the youngest category of our visitors – an installation of special kids' chairs in A la minute restaurants and baby changing stations in lavatories of our filling complexes.