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I pray, live! Road safety

promoting responsible behavior among road users

Благаю тебе, дотримуйся правил!

Why do we care?

Road safety is one of the acute problems in Ukrainian society. Every day dozens of our fellow citizens are being injured or killed on the road. OKKO filling station network is directly related to roads and drivers, our customers and employees are also road users. Therefore, this issue is very close to us, andhealth of our clients and colleagues is a priority. Remember that life can be the price of mistakes on the road. Therefore we plead to follow the rules!

Who are blahunchyky?

Blahunchykyare the fantastic creatures who beg you to remember that family, friends and loved ones love you, are always worried and waiting for you alive and healthy at home! Blahunchyky remind you of the need to be careful on the road, not to break the rules and respect others. They address you, ‘I pray, live!’

Tips on road safety

About the project

The aim of ‘I pray, live! Road safety’ project is to change the behavior of road users in Ukraine, to encourage more to be more responsible towards their own safety on the road, as well as the life and health of others. The project includes:

  • Information campaign and promotion of responsible behavior on the road with OKKO clients and the general public;
  • Distribution of reflective materials throughout OKKO filling station network;
  • Support for local infrastructure projects aimed at improving road safety.

The first stage of the project was implemented in cooperation with the EBRD in November 2014 - April 2015. The project was more education oriented, included work with schoolchildren and local communities and has been implemented on the M05 highway (Kyiv - Odesa). The second stage of the project started in October 2015 and covers all OKKO filling station network.

Project archive


Postal address

72, heroiv UPA Str. Lviv 79018, Ukraine


(032) 298 96 30


The partners

Partner first phase of  project (November 2014 - April 2015)