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Concern Galnaftogaz consistently supports and develops a reputation of the company that besides its active position at the market, its efforts to introduce best world practices into the Ukrainian business and environment, is deeply involved into the community life, and actively supports the social sector, cultural and sports life of our society.




Understandably, our key task in this realm is to ensure adequate working conditions for our employees, and to create most favourable conditions for professional development. However, we are also deeply aware of our role to make the surrounding more comfortable, to develop education, sciences, culture and sports. For this reason, we contribute to the development of our community as far as possible.


In May 2007, Concern Galnaftogaz joined The UN Global Compact and officially declared its support for the ten principles of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. The principles stated in the Global Compact are in line with the philosophy of our business. Our Company as a rightful representative of the national business is fully responsible to the society for its activities and adheres to the highest ethical standards. A signature under the Global Compact is an opportunity to join the best world business practices, gain valuable experience, and make its own contribution to building the moral foundation of the Ukrainian economy.


See statements of our social activities can in our Reporting on sustainability.