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Joining our team You become a part of the company, which operates one of the largest networks of filling complexes in Ukraine. Your stability is guaranteed by:


  • over-10-year-old history with the EBRD among Company’s shareholders

  • Concern’s shares are listed on the Ukrainian Stock Exchange

  • Company fully complies with Ukrainian Corporate Governance Principles


What would You like to do?

What should You expect?


Each of us has a talent and we believe that it
could be applied in our company. We have
different suggestions for You depending on the
work style you prefer. 

  • young, progressive management collective

  • the opportunity to develop Your career quickly through Your own achievements

  • an official employment in compliance with all legal requirements

  • support from an effective Spivdruzhnist’ trade union organization


Work at the filling complexes


If You like to communicate with people, enjoy creating a comfort for others during travel – join us. The company helps employees to acquire all the necessary skills to ensure a high level of service at OKKO filling complexes. 

  • flexible work schedule, an enriching experience in communicating with people

  • work in a friendly team of employees and managers

  • an opportunity to find a comfortable workplace throughout Ukraine

  • an official employment and compliance with all legal requirements 

  • an opportunity to directly influence the remuneration level according to clear and distinct pattern

  • career advancement opportunities on condition that business results will be achieved and exceeded


Work in the office

To have the courage to uphold, implement and bring your idea to life – these are qualities that will give you an opportunity to grow fast in our company. Our company offices are located throughout Ukraine, and You can realize Your potential in various ways: purchase and sale of oil products, logistics, finance, marketing, personnel management and development, quality laboratories, transportation etc.


It is convenient to You if you are a student

You can start Your career while maintaining a flexible schedule for You and combining education with getting a new profession.


Choosing a job at the filling complex in Your region, You start an interesting and forward-looking career which offers many new possibilities in widely diversified company presented throughout Ukraine. Here You have a real chance to quickly build a career in the company due to Your productive work, including gaining a management experience.


Join us!


  • Select the vacancy

  • Send Your resume or corporate form

  • If You meet the asserted claims, we will invite You for a meeting within two weeks


The form of the filling complex employee


The form of an office worker