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The launch of new highway fuel station “OKKO” in Vushniv near customs transit point Yahodyn

New fuel station “OKKO” was launched near the customs transit point Yahodyn on Tuesday, October 23. This is yet the 7th OKKO’s highway complex “OKKO” operating in Ukraine.


“OKKO” and Vasyl Virastiuk have completed the last stage of ‘Bogatyr’ contest prior to 2007 finals

The next ‘Bogatyr’ contest under the name of Vasyl Virastiuk was held this Sunday, October 21. This time the spectators were Vinnytsia residents. The last tournament in the show format by Vasyl Virastiuk was held here in 2003, under OKKO support.


Greetings on Driver’s Day!

Welcome to «OKKO» and get wonderful present! Last week of October marks “professional holiday of all who drive and love vehicles!”


Vasyl Virastiuk, “OKKO” and “Staryi Lev Publishing House” jointly presented a book devoted to a legendary ‘man of muscle’ Ivan Firtsak

The presentation of the book was held in Ivan Firtsak’s native village of Bilky (Irshava district). The initial event was the meeting with schoolchildren and locals of “heroic” village. “Most importantly that young readers will be pleased with superb example after reading the book” - said Vasyl Virastiuk.