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Transportation of fuel and goods

Fuel truck OKKO

Modern Car Fleet

The car fleet consists of 132 modern tank trucks with a wide range of holding capacities from 6 to 35 thousand liters, trailers, and semi-trailers.

All tank trucks are equipped with the satellite monitoring system; some tank trucks are equipped with the forced-feed pump system, which allows to pump oil products into ground tanks. Most of these cars are MAN and DAF tank trucks manufactured in 2007-2008 and 37 tank trucks Scania (2012 release).

Fuel trucks dislocation map

Wide Area Location of Tank Trucks

It covers a number of cities in different regions of Ukraine providing fast and quality transportation of oil products

Transportation of Light Oil Products

The main type of activity of PJSC Concern Galnaftogaz automobile operating companies is light oil products transportation service:

  • gasoline
  • diesel fuel
  • fuel and lubricants


Other services

  • services for stripping tanks
  • cargo transportation all over Ukraine
  • computer diagnostics of cargo vehicles
  • cargo and commercial vehicles repair at specialized stationsin Lviv and Vinnytsia
  • washing of cargo and passenger transport
  • tire fitting of cargo and passenger transport (Vinnytsia city, Maksymovycha str.)
  • property rental services (Vinnytsia and L’viv)
  • car and trucks parking services (Vinnytsia and L’viv)

Contacts Avtotranskom

Postal address

Lviv city, 15A Bohdanivska str.



(067) 353 77 00


(032) 232 33 24