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Tasty and convenient

tasty places, restaurants, carwashes and other necessary services on the road 

Coffee and hot dogs at filling complexes OKKO​​

Tasty places

Cozy ‘delicious corner’ where you can drink coffee and other tasty drinks, eat fresh French and Danish hot dogs, sandwiches, desserts.

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The most delicious chocolate hot dog at the nearest OKKO filling station

Hot chocolate with crispy French bun ideal for a sweet snack at a "tasty filling station". From early summer, more than 350 filling stations of the network will serve the incredible chocolate hot dog, which is so loved by both children and their parents.

Hearty meat in restaurants A la minute

A la minute, Pasta Mia, Meiwei

Wide network with a unique mix of restaurant food and fast service, great selection of salads, soups, side dishes, sandwiches, hearty meat dishes, dietary dishes, desserts and a special menu for children. Read more

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Asian cuisine with Drive service

New pan-Asian restaurant Meiwei was opened at OKKO filling station in Kiev on 4A Novokonstyantynivska Str. The dishes of Southeast Asian cuisine can be tasted directly at the restaurant, and are easily taken away, using the already familiar to residents of megacities Drive service.

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Convenient means for car washing according to your needs and preferences:

  • manual wash – a traditional way of car washing
  • portal (automatic) – a modern portal equipment, soft brushes, waxing, wheels washing, drying
  • automatic carwash for large trucks and buses

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Car wash at filling complexes OKKO

Lux car washing + free coffee!

All  FISHKA card users get free coffee* when using Lux car washing service! The offer lasts from June 2014 on permanent basis at all OKKO filling stations  that offer automatic Lux carwash service.
* The term ‘free coffee’ means the possibility to buying coffee for 0.01 UAH.

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Shops at OKKO filling stations


Shops at OKKO filling stations work 24 hours a day and offer car parts, auto accessories, as well as goods of everyday use on the road to home.

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Get a discount up to 50% on Fiskars TM goods

On August 1, the OKKO network launched a new campaign  - having filled with 20 liters of any fuel with the Fishka card, the client receives a discount of up to 50% on one of the products Fiskars brand. The advertising action valid by October 31, 2016.

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Dry cleaners

BOLLA dry cleaners are located at OKKO filling stations (Kyiv). Own dry cleaning station with latest Italian equipment, high-quality chemicals and qualified personnel allow to guarantee the safety of things at all process phases and offer a wide service range: deep cleansing, delicate cleaning – for branded items, rapid stain removal and more.

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Fast and convenient MTPL policy registration directly at OKKO filling stations. For that:

  • contact the operator
  • present your driver's license, vehicle registration certificate and individual tax identification number
  • in a  few minutes contract and sticker will be ready

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FISHKА loyalty coalition program

When you pay for insurance submit your FISHKA card at the checkout and get bonuses for each spent 1 UAH (1 UAH = 1 bonus).

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Quick charging stations for electric vehicles KEBA P20

KEBA P20 are installed in 12 regions on the major highways. The distance between the filling stations, where they operate, is less than 300 kilometers. To provide maximum comfort, electric chargers are installed on the filling station where there are A la minute or Pasta Mia branded restaurants or Hot cafe of large format. While the car is being charged, the driver will have time to relax over a delicious meal or a cup of fragrant coffee. Electric vehicle charging devices are free of charge at OKKO filling stations.

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Integrated services at OKKO filling stations:

  • service column: checking tire pressure, wheel pumping, water for washer fluid tank, windows and headlights washing 
  • Wi-Fi
  • currency exchange 
  • showers
  • laundry facilities
  • changing tables

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River filling station

Serves yachts, boats, quardocycles, scooters and other small-crafts.

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