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OKKO Group has invested more than UAH 11 million in the reconstruction of tanker for storage of mineral fertilizers


On the eve of the start of the spring field operations, the OKKO Group opened a new storage facility for liquid mineral fertilizers of the KAS type in Vapnyarka (Vinnytsia region). It is arranged on the territory of the currently operating tanker after the reconstruction of tanks and auxiliary equipment. Last year, OKKO Group  rebuilt two former oil depots – in Yarmolyntsi (Khmelnytsky region) and Novaya Lubomirka (Rivne region) – under storage for loose mineral fertilizers. In the reconstruction of these objects, the company invested more than 11 million hryvnia.

“Due to our investments in the above-mentioned regions, the infrastructure of providing agricultural producers with mineral fertilizers will significantly improve. This is especially true for small and medium-sized farms, which are unprofitable to buy agrochemical wagon batches or keep their own capacities for storing mineral fertilizers, – says “OKKO” Vice President, Yuriy Kuchabsky. – Moreover, our holding has the opportunity to realize them and on terms of delaying the calculation, having prepared with the buyer a forward agreement or agrarian receipt.”

At present, the capacity of the Lupus Composition of KAS fertilizers allows to store 2.5 thousand tons of liquid fertilizers at the same time, and by the end of 2018 they will grow to 8-9 thousand tons. After that he will become the largest in Vinnytsia region. The warehouse operates with its own fleet of vehicles, which allows the customer to deliver goods promptly and promptly. As previously reported, you can store 4 thousand bulk fertilizers on bases in Yarmolyntsi and Lyubomyrka. At the same time, OKKO Group is currently considering the options for expanding its warehouse infrastructure for mineral fertilizers in other regions of Ukraine.