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OKKO Group has invested more than UAH 11 million in the reconstruction of tanker for storage of mineral fertilizers

On the eve of the start of the spring field operations, the OKKO Group opened a new storage facility for liquid mineral fertilizers of the KAS type in Vapnyarka (Vinnytsia region).


“OKKO” will produce solar energy for Lviv

“OKKO” filling complexes network continues to invest in solar power projects.


OKKO Group helps to popularize agricultural receipts

Agrarian receipts – this is usually a more convenient and beneficial alternative to bank lending for agricultural producers.


“OKKO” network collected almost 140 tons of clothes for the poor in 2017

OKKO filling complexes network increases the volume of collection of used things for the poor. In 2017, 138.8 tons of things were handed over to volunteer organizations that care for the least socially protected citizens.