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Fuel coupons

a convenient method of payment for fuel at a fixed price

Fuel at filling complexes OKKO​​

Coupon options

  • Available nominals - 10, 20 and 50 liters
  • Fuel types: Pulls 95, А-95 Euro, А-92 Euro, Pulls Diesel, Diesel Euro,Gas 
  • Valid for three months

Fuel coupon ОККО

Terms of Purchase

  • Coupons for fuel can be bought both by natural and legal persons
  • The price of fuel is fixed for 3 months from the purchasing date
  • Individual approach to pricing


  • Design wih unique security elements  
  • Traceability of used coupons
  • Lock when accessing your regional manager. Coupon is immediately locked on a working day, or at 9a.m. the first working day, if you appealed on the weekend

Information support

  • At the regional office where the coupon was purchased