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The network “OKKO” has become a general partner of large-scale climbing festival in Lviv

Lviv is a city with a long tradition of mountaineering and climbing, and now became a center of Ukrainian. This is very popular in the world climbing sport, where you must overcome a series of short and low but very difficult climbs without insurance.


The payment terminals set at 320 filling stations “OKKO”

Terminals of international payment system TYME have already located at 320 filling stations “OKKO”. In the near future are planned to establish 30 more terminals.


Healthy breakfast at “OKKO” for useful beginning of the day

The network of filling stations “OKKO” is great news for those who didn’t breakfast in the morning and begin his day at the road. Since February, everyone can buy useful healthy breakfast – oatmeal or granola at160 the most streamed filling stations across Ukraine.

Fuel prices

  • 27.99
  • 26.99
  • 25.99
  • 25.99
  • 23.99
  • 11.99

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