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“OKKO” network in December refills only winter brands of fuel

In order to feel in the coldest time as confidently and safely at the wheel as possible, the car needs to be refueled with winter fuel, which differs from summer with its operational characteristics.


Have a drink at home: “OKKO” Asian cuisine and more

After a tiring day there is no power to cook? Culinary abilities are not perfect? Do you want a delicious one, but there is not enough time for the kitchen? “OKKO” filling station network has taken care that nobody remains hungry.


“OKKO” are refueling with automobile gas at 241 filling stations

The “OKKO” network continues to install LPG modules at its filling stations acticely. Since the end of summer and during the autumn, 11 new modules have been put into operation


“OKKO” introduced the first restaurant outside the filling station – the Panasian Meiwei

“OKKO”, whose network of food establishments on the road is the largest in Ukraine, opened the first restaurant in Kyiv outside the filling complex – the Panasian Meiwei.