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Fishka is acknowledged as the best loyalty program among Ukrainian filling stations

The loyalty program Fishka, initiated and operated by the OKKO filling stations network, is recognized as the most profitable for drivers.


Vitaly Antonov is in the rating of country's best top managers

According to the results of the rating made by all-Ukrainian media Delo.UA, the president of Concern Galnaftogaz, Vitaly Antonov is #1 among the best CEO in the opinion of experts and #38 in the general list of ”300 Best Top-Managers of Ukraine”.


OKKO Network opened the largest storage facility for liquefied natural gas in Western Ukraine

In the second quarter of this year OKKO filling complexes network commissioned a newly built gas storage station near the town of Zolochiv, Lviv region.


Have got an idea - get a lemon: OKKO gives away a million hryvnia

A new action "Million for the Idea" was launched by OKKO filling complexes network.