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OKKO expanding the gas modules at its filling stations

Taking into account the rising of popularity of vehicles, that are using liquefied petroleum gas at OKKO filling station continues to increase the number of points where you can refuel this fuel.


OKKO network presented the second Volvo fot the best set of goals

On August, 6 the OKKO network of filling stations had an unusual football competition for the second time among its customers Arena Lviv Stadium under the win-win promotion ‘Win a car or a discount on the fuel."


Refuel at the OKKO and get a discount up to 50% on Fiskars TM goods

On August 1, The OKKO Network launched a new campaign - having filled with 20 liters of any fuel with the Fishka card, the client receives a discount of up to 50% on one of the products Fiskars brand.


OKKO Network and the Responsible Citizens NGO together help the needy

OKKO Network of Filling Stations started working with the Responsible Citizens Volunteer Organization in the process of gathering the items for the needy in July.

Fuel prices

  • 25.99
  • 24.99
  • 23.99
  • 22.99
  • 21.99
  • 11.99

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