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The Christmas coffee at OKKO inspires to do good things

When the winter comes, when everything around us reminds about Christmas and New-Year holidays, the children in the whole world expect the miracles to happen.


Holiday offers in the stores of OKKO network

OKKO network offers its clients to think in advance about nice surprises for their relatives and people close to their hearts, before the New Year and Christmas holidays.


The flavors of romantic Tuscany in the Pasta Mia restaurants at OKKO

Among the Italian regions, the Tuscany cuisine is different by its faithfulness to the traditions and by its ancient history. The Tuscany dishes are simple to cook but they are extremely demanding regarding the products choice.


Re-branding Fishka: new image of the loyalty program

Fishka loyalty program which unites great nationwide companies, has embarked upon the overall re-branding. The changes have embraced the visual part, the communication tone and also the mission and positioning of the program.

Fuel prices

  • 25.99
  • 24.99
  • 23.99
  • 23.99
  • 21.99
  • 12.99

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