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Chain restaurants A la minute, operating at 32 filling stations “OKKO” traditionally has updated the menu to warm season across Ukraine. The guests can enjoy a summer traditional cuisine and new culinary surprises starting in May.

Fans of culinary experiments in A la minute we offer to try corn soup with coconut milk. His gentle and somewhat exotic flavour contrasts with crispy sticks hrisini that are added to food very well. This soup is very popular in Thailand, China and other South-East Asia. But we believe that for thousands of Ukrainian citizens which stopped at our FS “OKKO” it will be a real gastronomic discovery of the season. Instead, the fresh green soup is a great option of first course for those who prefer more traditional dishes. Aromatic oxalic soup, which is so fond of Ukrainian in the spring and summer season, is served with boiled egg and a portion of thick cream in the A la minute restaurants.

Seasonal novelty appeared and in the salad menu. For fans of more classic tastes we recommend trying a light and fresh spring salad of young cabbage, radishes and cheese. The best taste with traditional Ukrainian cream. For innovators there are – salad with dried pork and cheese. This is the harmonious mix of tender smoked pork that just melts in your mouth, fresh lettuce and juicy brackish cheese.

In some restaurants A la minute (at most filling stations streaming) you can order another salad – with chicken and avocado, which will delight the special gourmets. It tastes incredible. There are grilled chicken, flavourful fresh strawberries, exotic and tender avocado, juicy spinach and lettuce seasoned with sesame sauce. All this will perfect combine with crispy crust spicy wings or delicious and juicy chicken leg.

At the road it never hurts to grab 1-2 panini from A la minute – such as chicken or pork teriyaki. The second option features a spicy, slightly taste with notes of Asia. Tender, sweet, salty fried pieces of pork teriyaki feature harmoniously by the juicy marinated carrots and fresh Iceberg lettuce. Or you can try Panini with a special taste of sweet cream cheese, crispy fresh lettuce, juicy tomato and spicy ginger sauce-acutate. When you feel an urge to pause the trip and have a meal – the both of new items are perfect.

To feel the approach of summer you should be ordered a piece of cake with seasonal fruit in the restaurant A la minute. Crispy shortbread dough with soft cream cheese are filling with juicy seasonal berries perfect taste of brand coffee firm, particularly with innovations cold cocktail – Fred cappuccino, coffee or banana glyasse cocoa.