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The national record of fuel efficient operation was set with Pulls 95 fuel

The record OKKO Ekonom Drayv (Economy Drive) run finished on the 13th of December; during it the testers’ team set the national record of comparative fuel efficient operation with OKKO Pulls 95 gasoline.


OKKO filling complexes network helps St. Nicholas

From 13th to 18th of December Festival of family cosiness – Charity Marathon From Andrew to Nicholas – will be held in L’viv Palace of Art. During these six days of holiday young guests can participate in competitions and workshops on manufacturing various holiday decorations, play at the playgrounds, and what is most important – to communicate with St. Nicholas.


OKKO expects high demand for winter diesel

OKKO filling complexes network is fully ready for the arrival of winter frosts. Since the last ten-day period of November winter Euro diesel fuel that can provide reliable operation of engines during cold season is on sale at all network filling complexes.


The possessor of 100 litres of fuel was defined!

ОKKО filling complexes network takes pleasure in congratulating another winner of Buy CLMI – win 100 litres of fuel campaign; Vitaliy Osadchuk from Chernivtsi became the winner in October, he will get 100 l of А-95.