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The national record of fuel efficient operation was set with Pulls 95 fuel


The record OKKO Ekonom Drayv (Economy Drive) run finished on the 13th of December; during it the testers’ team set the national record of comparative fuel efficient operation with OKKO Pulls 95 gasoline.

5.3 liters per hundred kilometers is precisely the average consumption of Pulls 95 gasoline demonstrated by Subaru Forester AWD on Kyiv-L’viv highway. Using high quality fuel with a friction modifier, and economic driving techniques test pilots Andriy Sydorenko and Hennadiy Mazepa drove 489.6 km with 25% less Pulls 95 fuel consumption than manufacturer claimed (7 l/100 km is a fuel consumption for highway mode declared by Subaru).

Ukraine Records Book representatives, who closely observed measurement correctness and run process using GPS monitoring complex system, fixed the result.

Key success factors of the run were high quality Pulls 95 gasoline with friction modifier, washing and protective properties combined with economic driving techniques. Pulls 95 gasoline meets the requirements of DSTU 4839:2007 national standard and Euro 5 environmental standards. Its high performance characteristics were confirmed by Kyiv Institute of Consumer Expertise during the stand tests, and now during the record run. What concerns economic driving methods, the special technique used by test pilots will be published as a booklet and will be available to all drivers in OKKO filling complexes network.

«To save on fuel does not mean to buy cheap gasoline. Quality product, albeit at a somewhat higher price, allows motorist not only to overcome longer distance with one liter of fuel, but also to save on car maintenance in future. The results of OKKO Ekonom Drayv (Economy Drive) record run clearly confirm this», – ​​says Galnaftogaz vice-president Yuriy Kuchabskyi.