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OKKO expects high demand for winter diesel

OKKO filling complexes network is fully ready for the arrival of winter frosts. Since the last ten-day period of November winter Euro diesel fuel that can provide reliable operation of engines during cold season is on sale at all network filling complexes. According to company’s marketing specialists in 2011-2012 demand for winter diesel in Ukraine can be significantly higher than in previous season.

«We have made sure beforehand that sufficient stock of winter diesel fuel is accumulated at our terminals, and when the first freeze came we started to sell it. So drivers can be sure that filling up with OKKO diesel fuel, they will easily start their cars even in difficult weather conditions», – says Yuriy Kuchabskyi, Galnaftogaz vice-president.

Euro Diesel meets new national standard «High quality diesel fuel» and European environmental standards Euro 4 and Euro 5. This winter Euro diesel from OKKO has a number of additional operational benefits. Winter Euro diesel is characterized as F type diesel fuel, and is the «coldest» of six types of diesel intended for regions with a moderate climate. It is suitable for exploitation at temperature higher than -20 °C. Cetane number of this fuel is 51, while in common diesel fuel it is in the range of 40-45. High cetane number in Euro diesel provides not only fast engine starting at sub-zero temperatures, but also complete combustion of fuel, and high efficiency coefficient.

And soon unique branded Pulls Diesel Arctic fuel with cetane number of 55 which can operate at temperatures even higher than - 32 °C will appear in OKKO network.
Special studies proved that car can drive 35 kilometers more with 100 liters of Euro diesel fuel, and 52 kilometers more using Pulls Diesel Arctic than with common diesel fuel produced under old national fuel standards. In addition, special washing and protective properties of Pulls Diesel Arctic fuel help to increase engine service interval and power, to clean the fuel system from harmful incrustation, to simplify car’s cold starting.