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New energy-saving technologies are installed at filling stations «OKKO»

On November, 5 network «OKKO» opened a new highway filling complex in Ryasna-Ruska village near Lviv city.


Filling station network «OKKO» – partner of Сonference Retroleum Ukraine 2012

Filling station network «OKKO» became the partner of the 4th International Conference Petroleum Ukraine 2012 which was held on November, 1-2 in Kiev.


A unique action of filling station «OKKO»: the number of prize cars is not limited

On November, 1 network of filling stations «OKKO» started a unique action during which each customer has a chance to win a car Volskwagen Jetta. The number of winning cars is not limited. The action will last 2 months – until December, 31.


The first in Ukraine device for recharging electric cars was set at filling station «OKKO»

On October, 29 filling station «OKKO» at 1-A, Heroes of Stalingrad Str. in Kiev was installed with the first in Ukraine device for recharging electric cars. Drivers can take the advantage of its services for free. Recharger EVT050 is made by Finnish company Ensto representatives of which were present at the opening.