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The network “OKKO” took part in the festival of goodness “Red noses”

At the festival in November 27 was organized fundraising for to updating the division of hematology and intensive chemotherapy of the West specialized children's medical centre (Lviv).


Fishka turns the dreams into reality and gives 5 Weekends for two in Istanbul

Makes the dreams come true can not only a goldfish, but also Fishka rewards program. During December, making the usual purchases with the card of application, each customer can participate in the “Give and surprised with Fishka!” and win one of five trips for two to fabulous Istanbul.


The Christmas coffee at OKKO inspires to do good things

When the winter comes, when everything around us reminds about Christmas and New-Year holidays, the children in the whole world expect the miracles to happen.


The popular combination – soup + sandwich is available almost at 100 filling stations “OKKO”

Before the winter comes the network of delicious filling stations “OKKO” has doubled the number of filling stations where motorists can order nourishing and beneficial combo offer, which includes hot cream soup and a hearty sandwich.