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“OKKO” introduced the first restaurant outside the filling station – the Panasian Meiwei

“OKKO”, whose network of food establishments on the road is the largest in Ukraine, opened the first restaurant in Kyiv outside the filling complex – the Panasian Meiwei.


“Begging things” with “OKKO” call to fasten seat belts

“OKKO” filling complex network started the next stage of the social project “I beg you, live! Road Safety*”, which was launched by the company in 2014


Concern Galnaftogas have presented the ninth report on sustainable development

“Concern Galnaftogas” (“OKKO” filling complexes network) unveiled the ninth non-financial activity report for 2016


“OKKO” goes to the market of mineral fertilizers

“OKKO Group” announced its entry into a new market – now agricultural producers can engage not only in the company, but also in nitrogen and complex fertilizers.