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Vasyl Virastiuk, “OKKO” and “Staryi Lev Publishing House” jointly presented a book devoted to a legendary ‘man of muscle’ Ivan Firtsak

The presentation of the book was held in Ivan Firtsak’s native village of Bilky (Irshava district).
The initial event was the meeting with schoolchildren and locals of “heroic” village.
“Most importantly that young readers will be pleased with superb example after reading the book” - said Vasyl Virastiuk.


Mountain Climbing Carpathian Cup

On October 12-13, Dovbush Rocks vil. Bubnyshche (Ivano-Frankivsk region) hosted “Carpathian Cup” – mountain climbing open championship (boldering). The well-known event was traditionally supported by the fuel station network OKKO and “Concern Khlibprom”.


Concern Galnaftogas further supports “Halychanka”

October 4. Within the framework of International Investment Forum «On a Way to EURO 2012» six leading Ukrainian companies signed an Extended Agreement on sports partnership to implement a program of gradual development of women’s handball team “Halychanka”.


«Incredible adventures of Ivan Syla, the strongest man in the world»

Recently, a book “Incredible adventures of Ivan Syla, the strongest man in the world” was published. This publication, initiated by the “Publishing House “Staryy Lev”, Vasyl Virastyuk and the “ОККО” network of fuel stations, originate a series of books for teenagers “Ukrainians – a nation of strong people!”, where literary writings about our famous countrymen – athletes, knights and heroes, who glorified Ukraine with mightiness of their bodies and spirits, will be published.