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More restaurants and «Hot cafe»

During August-October newly opened cafes and restaurants that already operate successfully are among the achievements of «Terrin» company. In particular, in August new cafe of «Hot cafe» network situated in Lviv, 72, Geroiv UPA Str. opened its doors for the visitors.


«Porsche-Ukraine» gives Volkswagen Touareg owners high quality «ОККО» diesel

From October, 1st to November, 30th «Porsche-Ukraine» prepared a special offer for its customers. Everyone who buys Volkswagen Touareg receive a fuel card on 2430 liters of Pulls Diesel from network «ОККО».


«Hot café» and «A la minute» in the most fragrant festival of the country

During the last weekend of September heart of the ancient Lviv – Market Square– was obsessed by incredible coffee atmosphere felt by thousand of citizens and visitors.


«ОККО» is developing its network in Donbas

In the second half of September «OKKO» network opened three new filling stations in Luhansk and Donetsk regions.