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OKKO filling station network in your navigator

Now it will be easier to plan your trip with a stop at OKKO filling stations


OKKO fiiling station network does not sell fuel cards and coupons through intermediaries

OKKO filling station network asks drivers not to buy fuel card and coupons from intermediaries who sell them at lower prices


Vitaliy Antonov was listed one of the TOP-100 managers in Ukraine

Vitaliy Antonov, President of PJSC Concern Galnaftogaz (OKKO filling station network), was listed 28th in TOP-100 best managers in Ukraine published by Delo.UA


Used plastic is being collected at OKKO filling stations in Zaporizhya

OKKO filling station network equipped 5 filling stations in Zaporizhya with containers for used plastic (PET-bottles and polyethylene) collection