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“OKKO” Service has become available throughout Ukraine


Since now, the residents of all Ukrainian cities can feel the benefits of paying for fuel on a column without going to the cash desk.

Kyiv, September 29, 2017 – Service “OKKO” Pay for the payment of fuel on a column from a smartphone, which in mid-August began its work in Kiev and Lviv, is now available for use throughout Ukraine. The payment solution with integrated Masterpass digital wallets platform was presented by the filling station network together with Mastercard in the updated version of the Fishka mobile application.

“Today’s pace of life is very high, in fact time is money. And our innovative solution to “OKKO” Pay is a good example of how the “OKKO” network helps drivers use this time more efficiently,” commented Vasiliy Dmitrov, the director of marketing of “OKKO” filling complexes network. – Understanding the value of this solution for customers, we have been working hard to make “OKKO” Pay as quickly as possible available throughout the country.”

In order to use the service, it is necessary to download and install in advance in the mobile application Fishka. The application automatically authorizes the user if it is already registered with the Masterpass digital wallet. You can also register in the wallet directly in the application by entering once the bank card information into the system. These can be cards of any Ukrainian bank of different payment systems. Thus, Masterpass users can safely store all their bank cards in a digital wallet and calculate faster and more convenient - without having to enter the card details (card number, CVC-2 code, etc.) every time. Payment MasterPass MasterCard is Mastercard.

The actions on the refueling are very simple, so the whole process will take no more than a few minutes: you need to insert the gun into the gas tank and go to the “OKKO” Pay section of the Fishka application. And then – put the program scanner on the QR-code, placed on the column, and scan it. After that, enter the required amount of liters or the amount you want to fill in, click on the “Pay” button - and fueling starts automatically.

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