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OKKO employee became a World Champion in judo among the athletes with visual impairments

Iryna Guseva, the employee of the network of OKKO branded filling complexes, won one of the gold medals for Ukraine team.


‘Concern Galnaftogas’ is one of the 10 Most Transparent Companies of Ukraine

The results were published on September, 8 in the framework of a visiting session of Davos Communication Forum in Kyiv.


OKKO started collecting used plastic in Zakarpattya

The network of OKKO branded filling stations says the progress of the pilot project of collecting used PET containers, which started at the beginning of the year in the Zakarpattya region to be successful.


OKKO does not sell fuel cards and coupons via intermediaries

The network of OKKO filling complexes urges motorists not to buy fuel cards or coupons through intermediary companies that supposedly offer them at discounted prices.