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Action «Coffee plus hot dog – to Brazil for both!»

On July, 1st, 2012 filling stations network «OKKO», chain restaurants «A la minute» and «Pasta Mia» start action «Coffee plus hot dog – to Brazil for both!».


In chain restaurants «A la minute» there are new children's menu and gifts for kids

From June until the end of summer there is a special offer for guests with children: buying delicious children courses, you receive a gift for your kids.


Network «OKKO» opened the first filling station in Donetsk

On June, 15 filling stations network «OKKO» opened its first filling complex in Donetsk (Somova Str.). In Donetsk region filling stations «OKKO» are already opened in Donetsk region, but in the regional center has not already been.


Ukraine is interested in Lithuanian experience of EU integration – Vitaliy Antonov

On June, 11-13 in Vilnius there was the Fifth Congress of Honorary Consuls Lithuania, and Vitaliy Antonov, the President of «Concern Galnaftogaz», Honorary Consul of Lithuania in Lviv, took part in it.