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OKKO Network and the Responsible Citizens NGO together help the needy


OKKO Network of Filling Stations started working with the Responsible Citizens Volunteer Organization in the process of gathering the items for the needy in July. The volunteers will gather the used items that OKKO customers will leave in the special containers at Kiev filling stations that are located in 2a Generala Vatutina and 8 Dniproska  Naberezhna streets, and the volunteers will pass the items to people who live in the territory controlled by Ukraine in Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

The Responsible Citizens Volunteer Organization took the first part of things weighing 300 kilograms from two containers filled at filling stations in the middle of July. These things have been sent to Kramatorsk, into the office of volunteer organization, from where recipients in different parts of Donetsk region received them .

The Responsible Citizens Volunteer Organization was established in 2014 in Donetsk after the starting of the worsening situation in the Eastern Ukraine. Its activists are active only in those areas of Donbas, controlled by Ukrainian authorities now. The Responsible Citizens Volunteer Organization provide targeted assistance (clothing, medicines, hygiene products, building materials, etc.) for the people living in the areas close to the conflict zone, as well as supporting the social institutions – the hospitals, the orphanages, the homes for the elderly, the centers of internally displaced persons and etc.

‘The collection of the clothing, the shoes, the bedding, the toys, the books, the stationery and so on  is a great initiative. Kyiv residents responded very actively. The containers are filled to the brim less than a month, - says co-founder of the Responsible Citizens Volunteer Organization Dmytriy Shybalov. - Thank you OKKO Network and the indifferent residents of the capital for the done initiative. Our volunteers in the Donetsk region will pass targeted all collected things to those who need them. ‘

Let’s mention that OKKO Network was involved in the process of collecting used items for the needy from 2013. The first 2 containers for gathering used items were installed at the filling stations in Ukraine in cooperation with the Oselya Community. These containers have been  already done at 10 filling complexes - except Lviv, even in Kiev, Odessa and Dnipro now. Approximately 4 tons of things have been collected for 2015.

‘Because there is a large number of internal migrants today in Ukraine, such activities, unfortunately, does not lose relevance - says the Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility of OKKO Network Anna Tihovska. - At the same time we see the significant growth of the social consciousness and the social activity in Ukraine. There are people who are willing to share with the needy, who spend their time and effort to deliver this assistance exactly where it is the most needed. The cooperation with them inspires our company. As well as  the realization that we could make someone's life better and easier. ‘