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Give a stub – choose life: “OKKO” announces the start of an all-Ukrainian action (UPDATED)


As part of the annual social project “I beg you, live!” Safety on the road”, the next stage of which is devoted to the need to use seat belts in traffic, the “OKKO” network announces the launch of an unprecedented all-Ukrainian action “Give the stub – choose life”.

Within seven weeks from January 15 to March 4, all “OKKO” filling stations will host an action aimed at raising the awareness of the road users of road safety, in particular the need for constant use of seat belts. Anyone willing to take part in the action should bring a stopper for the car seat belts to the “OKKO” filling station and hand it over to the cash register by scanning its Fishka card. At the end of the action, all collected stubs will be disposed of.

“Unfortunately, a significant number of drivers ignores the use of seat belts while driving, giving preference to stubborns. There is a serious threat to the life of the driver and passengers, – says the director of sustainable development of “OKKO” network Anna Tikhovska. – At our filling stations, we not only do not sell stubs, but we also call for the purchased ones to be sold elsewhere. We hope to get the public’s attention to road safety and raise awareness of drivers.”

During the campaign, 1,400 liters of fuel will be disbursed among all participants: 10 winners will be randomly selected every week, who will receive tickets for 20 liters of fuel each. The names of winners every Monday will be updated on the site (in the section “News”).

For an entire period of the action, you can issue an unlimited number of stubs. However, a weekly participant receives only one chance to participate in defining the winners. For more details see the official rules of the action can be found at the link.