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200 thousand meals a month: OKKO corporate catering service from is scaling up

OKKO network will provide workers of another large enterprise of Ukraine with lunch. A corporate catering agreement has recently been concluded with Nemiroff. Now OKKO cooks are preparing about 200 thousand corporate meals a month. Till the end of the year the company plans to increase this figure by at least 20%.

"After the first year on the corporate catering market, we learned that this is a promising business direction, although very complicated. Each new enterprise requires to build a whole new set of processes, considering features of each specific object. There are a lot of delails - from the kitchen’s availability and its area, to the employees’ working schedule, regional menu differences and the customer’s special wishes,  - says Andriy Yanchuk, Head of restaurant department of OKKO. - But if our clients actively request OKKO services, when expanding their business in Ukraine, it means that our team manages to satisfy these demands".

Such companies as Electrocontakt Ukraine, Fujikura Automotive Ukraine and Auchan hypermarkets are OKKO corporate catering clients. The volumes of cooperation with them are constantly growing. For example, OKKO network began the partnership with Fujikura Automotive Ukraine with the supply of a single plant in Lviv. But when the company launched a new production facility in the Vinnytsia region, it signed a contract to provide corporate dinners for employees of the new enterprise.

The partnership with Electrocontact Ukraine developed in the same way. First, the OKKO restaurant department catered one plant of this company in Lviv region, and now it serves two more recently opened facilities - in Zolochev and Peremyshlyany. The cooperation of OKKO network with Auchan began in Lviv and now it has spread to 13 hypermarkets of this brand throughout Ukraine.

Within the corporate catering project, OKKO restaurants not only prepare full and varied lunches, but also organize the distribution line at the customer's premises. If there is no such technical capability, then the dishes are provided in convenient lunch boxes. At the request of the client, food delivery can take place in 2-3 shifts.

Thanks to the OKKO corporate catering service, thousands of Ukrainian workers feel more comfortable at work. At the same time, the OKKO network has already created more than 200 new jobs for  this direction of its activities.