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FISHKA bonuses and equipment of backpacks for paramedics

Медичні рюкзаки для парамедиків​​

Today our country is going through difficult times. Due to the large number of victims in Eastern Ukrainian, doctors are experiencing an acute shortage of medical equipment. And the state is not able to provide those needs. Our common duty is to help. About 90 per cent of deaths among civilians and the military in Eastern Ukraine occur before the wounded are sent to the hospital. An international humanitarian program "Special forces medic" was started to solve this problem. Graduates of this program, in addition to the tactical skills of medicine, receive special medical backpacks equipped with appropriate means of emergency aid. The project is implemented by NGO "Zakhyst patriotiv" and OKKO filling station network.

Equipment of a single backpack 200 000 FISHKA bonuses


 13 635 000 FISHKA bonuses


68 backpacks

Do good things together is much easier. If you are not indifferent to this problem and also want to help – get involved ! Now you can help by using your FISHKA bonuses ! We will report on every project meticulously here.

Since October 2014, OKKO filling station network regularly provides charitable aid to hospitals, military hospitals, physicians and volunteers in the form of medical equipment and medicines. The total amount of aid now stands at about 1.5 million UAH.

Today we have been supporting medical institutions in Lviv, Kyiv, doctors working in Eastern Ukraine (66th mobile hospital, Pyrogov First Volunteer Medical Hospital) and helped implement several volunteer initiatives.

How to help?

Contribute through online rewards catalog on

 One donation as 5 000 bonuses. To write off more bonuses specify the number of contributions when ordering donation option

 Once the total number of contributed bonuses reaches
200 000, OKKO  buys medicines and gives them to volunteers

Our partners

​Pyrogov First Volunteer Medical Hospital

​The humanitarian initiative of the Ukrainians World Congress "Zakhyst patriotiv"

​Military Medical Clinical Centre of Western region (Lviv)

​T-Helpers NGO

​"Sataciya" project


​"Thank you for the active citizenship position and concern for the needs of military medicine in modern conditions."

Ivan Gayda, the head of Military Medical Clinical Centre of Western region, Colonel of medical service

"The benefit of medicines you sent is saved lives."

Maryana Zhurakivska, Director of ‘Konkordi’ foundation (Т-Helpers)

"Thank you for the care about Ukrainian patriots at the time when they protect our peaceful life! Only freed from the remnants of the system that does not protect its defenders, we can overcome the enemy !"

Ulyana Suprun, doctor, Director of humanitarian initiative of the Ukrainians World Congress, founder and director of NGO "Zakhyst patriotiv"

"Many thanks to Concern Galnaftogaz for donated two new dental units! One of them is set to Yavoriv military training ground (there are already 3 units), and the second - to ‘Desna’ military training ground. Now we can faster and better assist boys from the 6th wave of mobilization, 10 000 of which are expected at Yavoriv training ground. ‘Sanaciya’ will from now on refuel only at OKKO filling stations."

Marta Datsko, "Sanaciya" project